For The Love Of Fibre

For Over 70 Years, Creswick Woollen Mills has led the way for woollen mills in Australia producing and sourcing products that are made from natural fibres including merino wool, possum, alpaca, cashmere, cotton and bamboo, woven into sophisticated modern designs.

Throughout our history we have built a reputation for superior quality and innovation. Here, we share our knowledge on the correct preparation of each wool type to ensure your natural fibre product are of the highest possible quality and last a lifetime.

Understanding Microns

Do you ever get confused if a higher micron is better or is it the lower number, the finer the wool?

Here we simply break down the difference in the microns of wool for you. 

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What Is the Difference Between Lambswool and Merino Wool

Believe it or not, many people tend to think wool is wool and that's the end of it!

The truth is, there are different types of wool, each with varying benefits and different production processes.

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Why we use Wool at Creswick Woollen Mills

Using wool allows for environmental sustainability, as well as being a natural, 100% biodegradable fibre.

Find out the other reasons we use wool at Creswick Woollen Mills.

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The Preparation Processes of Wool

Understand the preparation processes on how wool is prepared here at Creswick Woollen Mills for the products we all love!

Learn our step-by-step preparation for wool when recycled or boiled.

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The Benefits of Sleeping with Wool

Discover the benefits of sleeping with wool.

Wool is one of the most breathable and absorbent natural fibres available - by maintaining a drier microclimate, wool keeps you warmer for longer.

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The Benefits of Wearing Wool

Australia is dominant in the fine wool apparel industry.

Read more on the benefits of wearing wool and why exactly it has been such a popular fibre to produce apparel for many years.

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The Best Ways to Care for Your Wool

Differentiate between how to care for your woollen homewares & apparel instead of those synthetic fibres.

Learn how best to maintain and maximise durability for all your woollen purchases.

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Care Instructions for Washing Wool Garments

Understand the alternative techniques when washing your woollen clothing.

Further learn how to reduce pilling when cleaning your favourite wool products!


2 min read

The Manufacturing Process of Creswick Woollen Mills Blankets and Throws

Have a look at the steps towards how Australian wool is manufactured, processed & transformed into the quality apparel and homewares we at Creswick Woollen Mills have been made famous for since 1947.

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Creswick Woollen Mills and the Use of Australia’s finest Alpaca Wool

Creswick has over 70 years of experience in the wool and milling industry.

This has led to Creswick’s premium Alpaca collection with an extensive range using Australia’s finest Alpaca wool.

2 min read

Creswick Woollen Mills Australian Alpaca Wool Homewares, Apparel and Accessories

Our alpaca fibre homewares range includes light and super-warm quilts, soft and colourful blankets and stylish and trendy throws rugs.

Alpaca Fibre is renowned for high tensile strength, durability and is ideal for apparel, knitwear and accessories.

2 min read

Care Instructions for Alpaca Wool Products

Following the correct care instruction will add years to your product and keep its soft and luxurious feel.

Here is the best way to look after your Alpaca products.

2 min read

Huacaya and Suri Alpaca Wool

There are two breeds of Alpaca, with their woollen coat’s length and fineness, the main noticeable difference between them.

Discover the benefits and purposes of the different alpaca fibres.

2 min read

Australia’s Sustainable Alpaca Industry

Australia’s alpaca farming has earned worldwide respect for its responsible farming approach to make it a genuinely sustainable commercial rural industry.

Learn about alpaca's in Australia, their reward to farmers and the massive product export opportunities they provide to Australia.

2 min read

Alpaca's Environmental Impact

Alpacas have many unique attributes, making them an eco-friendly animal, ideal for today’s environmentally aware farmer.

Read here about the benefits of alpaca's when considering future environmental sustainability. 

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